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An article in the Chicago Tribune, Statistics suggest women in sales can be wise move, recently laid out some significant research respective to women in sales roles; facts that should encourage business owners and sales managers who want to increase sales while achieving both sustainable business growth and profits to consider hiring a woman for that next sales position. We met up with Hardboot’s newest female salesperson, Krysten Milne, to ask her a few questions about her experience in the field:

Q: What type of organizational culture best supports professional saleswomen?
A: I think organizations that foster an inclusive and cooperative sales environment best support professional saleswomen, in contrast to organizations that are geared more towards individual competitiveness and achievement. Although salespeople in general tend to be competitive by nature, in my experience, saleswomen are more apt to want to cooperate with their peers in order to achieve their sales targets, rather than competing directly against one another.

Q: What are the advantages that women in sales have over their male counterparts?
A: Given that sales has traditionally been more of a male-dominated profession, women now have a distinct advantage over their male counterparts simply due to the fact that they often stand out from their competitors. Salespeople who are able to differentiate themselves from competing salespeople are at an advantage because they are better able to engage the attention of their prospects, and remain memorable in the minds of their prospects, leads, and clients. Although this gender gap is closing, women still have an advantage over men, overall, for this reason.

Q: What advice do you have for women considering pursuing a career in sales??
A: First and foremost, for any woman considering a career in sales, I would suggest doing some introspection around her own personality traits, in order to determine whether or not those traits would be suitable and conducive to enjoying a career in sales. Working in sales can be extremely rewarding for those with the right demeanor, and extremely draining for those who are not psychologically built or prepared for it. As most people know, the profession requires grit and an ability to brush off rejection with little concern. That means that saleswomen will need to have a very tough exterior, and must not fear asking for the sale, or being rejected outright. It also requires an ability and desire to interact with people day in and day out, often outside of normal working hours. The positive side to this, of course, is that sales careers often offer very flexible working hours, which can be particularly attractive to women who are looking for this type of ambiguity and flexibility. If a woman feels that she would be well-suited for a career in sales, after taking these elements into consideration, then my advice would be to shoot-for-the-moon and go-for-the-gold. There will never be a better time for a woman to enter the profession.

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