Why Homesense Felt At Home On Facebook

//Why Homesense Felt At Home On Facebook

Why Homesense Felt At Home On Facebook

Why Homesense Felt At Home On Facebook

Major retail chain Homesense is best known for its expansive product line of home decor, kitchen and bathroom accessories and other living-related odds and ends. As their tagline reads its full of irresistible finds at exceptional prices.

As a key player in the home and lifestyle category, the company thrives on leveraging seasonal lifestyle changes, planning its media and marketing strategies around events like the of incredible profitable Back to School season.

Unlike some big box retailers, who are either hesitant or ineffective in launching social media and digital campaigns, Homesense understood the need to create an online buzz in order to get people to their store. Here’s how we helped:

The Ask

In preparation for an integrated marketing campaign that leveraged social media and other digital marketing tactics, Homesense wanted to create a dedicated promotional website for their upcoming Back to School campaign. In addition to a page that encompassed the Homesense brand, key promotional messaging and tight integration into the Homesense Facebook page was a key part of the requirements.

We Delivered

After working with the Homesense team to uncover the objectives of the campaign and digital assets we were creating, the team at Hardboot worked to develop an interactive application that lived on the site, and was integrated within the Facebook page.

The application (build in Flash) was created with drag and drop functionality, allowing Homesense fans and visitors to design their own dorm room or home office.

The Result

The site was launched, creating immediate buzz that linked Homesense products with the fund and interactive game of creating your own space. The campaign ran for just over 5 weeks and boasted over 50,000 unique visitors. Through the interactive website and Facebook integration, Homesense was able to secure 100,000 lifetime Facebook Likes by the time the campaign closed.

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