Keep your Website Updated and Maintained

Keep your Website Updated and Maintained

Your website is an integral part of your business and once its live you want to nurture it and grow engagements. Treat this as your lead generation or front line to sales and marketing! Your website is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business, you have created your initial foundation allowing you to find new ways to engage with your clients while building new conversations and increasing your level of branding and loyalty.  With this come new iterations and ongoing maintenance! Regular maintenance to your site and applications allows your website to run smoothly and reliably. This may seem like more work then you anticipated, but preventative measures are better than the alternative, loss of sales and engagements! Your site needs to create engagements which will allow you to create better conversions!

The web is continually changing, trends in web designs are constantly improving which puts emphases on regular updates to your website to keep your site fresh, improved levels of security and be able to keep up with Google amazing ability to grow their best practices and algorithms. Keeping your website updated, blogs and adding new content, will continually improve its performance, rankings and increase your return on investment (ROI).

While you can find many reasons to not maintain your site, can you afford to not?

Stay tuned for upcoming posts, where we dig deeper into why it’s important to support your investment and grow it to be the next sales vehicle in your business! You wouldn’t leave your Life Savings to grow its self, so why leave your mission critical systems stagnate and stale when you can iterate and improve conversions with the number one company in business supportHardboot!

With Hardboot, worry less and grow more! Are you ready to start? People and businesses in your vertical already have! Lets Talk.