Spring is here, Welcome New Beginnings

//Spring is here, Welcome New Beginnings

Spring is here, Welcome New Beginnings

For some people, the first sign of spring comes at Easter, or the first day above 10 c (if this ever gets viewed beyond Canada, that’s 50 F), to others it’s the planting of stuff, or the Jays opening game. But to me, the first day of spring started tonight.

I live next to a city run pool and soccer fields that sit empty and mostly snow covered, from late November to, well, Tonight. In the Winter, it seems like a massive extent of open tundra with howling winds and blowing snow, but as I went out on the front porch to have a smoke (the irony is not lost on me) it is now becoming a pastoral field where the big lights are on and there is a soccer game going on.

Now all the fun parts of spring begin.

What once seemed so daunting in January, now feels doable as the days get longer and that winter coat goes to the back of the closet.

For us here at Hardboot, it is an exciting time as we see companies that start to awake and call on us for help to get their electronic house in order and catch up to their competitors who are ahead of the curve on efficient systems.

One of my favorite projects of late was when we helped a client Develop an iPad-based content eco-system that allows physicians to record personalized videos that explain medical information to their patients.
We sat down with the client who had a vision of how the end product would look and feel, but they needed help with the structure, design and execution… In other words…
“I know what I want it to look like, now show me how the hell we get there.”

We designed and developed the interface, created the video recording engine, and developed the content library and admin portal. This will then allow them to improve the quality of care by helping educate the patient from the moment of diagnoses.

Developing such an application out of a spark of an idea, has all the hallmarks of spring… Re-Birth and Creation Be it webpage design, to mobile, to parachuting us in to help you complete a project on time, consider if now is the time to give us a call, to help you get the dust and leaves out of your systems, or better yet, help you bring to life your million-dollar idea.


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