Hardboot Portfolio.



SingleKey SingleKey is a new member of the OPN Start Up Community in its quest to simplify the applications process for rental properties and better connect landlords, developers and real estate companies with their listings. SingleKey is working with HB to develop a platform that creates and stores digital versions of the standard tenant forms [...]

Grip Metal


Design, Develop and Support for Grip Metal Hardboot partnered with Nucap to upgrade their site, Grip Metal. Grip Metal was  looking to refresh their website from a technical/manufacturing focus to a friendlier application-based approach. Hardboot brought forward the visual story of how Grip’s products can be used to innovate in residential, commercial, and industrial markets through [...]

NRS Brakes


Design, Develop and Support for NRS Brakes Hardboot partnered with NUCAP to design, develop and support NRS Brakes. They required an update their website to better engage users and promote their partnerships with other brake manufacturers.  With these insights in mind, Hardboot redesigned the site with responsive/interactive imagery to better portray the technical [...]



Design, Develop and Support for Therapeutic Kinesiology Tape Hardboot partnered with Nucap to with upgrade their site SpiderTech from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0, while supporting the current site. Hardboot designed and developed and new lifestyle site that allowed Spidertech to better manage content, commerce elements, enhance the user experience, as well as [...]



Website Audit and Design for Rehabilitation Services Hardboot competed a site audit which included a full analysis of everything related to Lifemark's website’s level of search visibility. The Site Audit created a plan of attack which lead to the redesign of the Lifemark site, Hardboot improved conversion,  UX flow and modernize it’s design. [...]



Develop and Support for E-Commerce non-GMO Goat Milk Since 2015, Hardboot has supported and been  Kabrita USA trusted development partner. Hardboot rebuild the website in 2015, and has been supporting the site since, from enhancements such as reviews, landing pages, content updates,  security updates and more.

The Exchange Lab


Design, Development and Support for a Programmatic Advertising Company Hardboot worked closely with The Exchange Lab on an extremely tight timeline to redesign and redevelop their website. The design process was extremely collaborative between Hardboot and The Exchange Lab designers and together they designed, finalized and approved a highly customized website and mobile site [...]

Pharma Industry


Develop an application for the Pharma Industry A strategic pharmaceutical marketing firm approached Hardboot. They required for one of their clients a solution for mobile reps to use as an engagement tool with physicians. The app would need to engage physicians in clinically relevant discussions which meant delivering on complex clinical business rules to [...]

Cookson James Loyalty


Reporting Dashboard Re-Design for BestLifeRewarded Cookson James Loyalty engaged Hardboot to help assess and review the current Information Architecture and User Experience and revise the process to ensure a smooth flow and user experience through the application. Hardboot also worked with Cookson James Loyalty to re-design the front end of the website to refresh [...]