Northern Devs specializes in assisting early-stage companies in reaching their technical potential through no-code web apps (our proprietary Launchpad platform) and proof of concept development. Helping scope and build products using Launchpad for both tech and non-tech founders, Northern Devs helps clients launch their dream app idea in a few clicks. Built to validate, pitch, and scale.

For the offer:

Here are some perks for OPN Companies:

  • SPECIAL OFFER for new subscribers! Get 25% OFF on your two-months on Launchpad.
  • FREE onboarding & web app builder orientation.
  • INCLUDED 1 Hour of Northern Devs Expertise to build your webapp.

Why our customers love Lacunhpad

  • EASY and INTUITIVE interface, so you don’t need any coding skills to build your app.
  • AUTOMATICALLY optimized for mobile devices, ensuring your app looks great on all screen sizes.
  • AUTOMATIC Payment integration with Stripe.
  • ANALYTICS dashboard that shows you key metrics (e.g., user engagement, conversion rates, etc.), so you can measure the success of your app.

Learn more about Launchpad here: