Marketing Your Mobile App – Where To Start

//Marketing Your Mobile App – Where To Start

Marketing Your Mobile App – Where To Start

Congratulations, you have a mobile app!  Now what?

Simply creating an app is not enough to get download volumes.
With over 2 million apps in Google Play and the Apple App Store, successful apps have to work hard to compete. It’s not simply choosing an awesome name, getting listed in the right category and using the perfect keywords.  To be successful, you need to support your mobile app with advertising.
The top apps all spend. Even viral apps need a jump-start. To compete with big players like Facebook and Skype, you need to support your app with a realistic ad budget. We are not talking hundreds of dollars … we are talking thousands!
Chris Shuptrine of  Fiksu says “The odds of being in the top ten overall of either store is 0.001%. To put this number into context, you are over 500 times more likely to be audited by the IRS then to break into the Top Ten overall without advertising.”

Picking the right marketing platform is a no brainer … Mobile Ads.

Mobile Ads get mobile app installs because they are able to:

  • Reach the right user
  • At the right time
  • On the right device
  • With the right message

Social apps are currently rumoured to outperform on Facebook. But what if yours is not a social app. What then?

Developing the right marketing plan is where things can get tricky.

If you are launching a new mobile app, chances are you have no idea who your users will be or where to find them. You can try to take a good guess but the top app marketers predict you will be wrong.

Until you test, you will not understand how to spend advertising dollars smartly.  There are many variables to test:

  • Channels
  • Creatives
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Bid Strategies
  • Timing – test time of day, day of week and week day vs weekend

Set up analytics and reporting to give good tracking and acquisition data. Don’t trust your gut to make campaign adjustments, trust the data. During testing, learn what is working, review variables and adjust.

An effective advertising test will help you learn the right marketing variables so you can spend smartly, grow your company and set your app up for success.
If marketing your mobile app seems overwhelming, give us a call. Happy to help.

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