Schedule your work

Home-based work puts you in greater control of your schedule, with a more fluid structure of your days than in a traditional office setting. Make a remote work schedule that has a start and end time. Give yourself a time limit when doing your tasks, this way you can assure time for yourself, your family, and socializing.

Set Priorities

Keep a list of the tasks you wish to accomplish each day so you won’t be jumping from one task to another.

Set up your Work Station

First, set up a space that is distinct from the rest of your home. Make the most of the time you spend at your workstation by investing in the right equipment. Invest in a reliable internet service provider, a comfortable chair, and a sturdy desk. You can throw in a tabletop plant or two to help relax the eyes.

Balance Work and Life

Working from home means that work can easily seep into the rest of your life, result in burnout, and affect your mental health. It may help to institute some home office rules and routines to make sure you develop healthier and better boundaries. Use online communication tools to indicate when you are online or offline. Take your lunch break seriously. Get ready for work, the same way you do when you are going to the office.

Author: Laura Lirette