How First National Leverages Tech to Help Brokers: Part 2

//How First National Leverages Tech to Help Brokers: Part 2

How First National Leverages Tech to Help Brokers: Part 2

How First National Leverages Tech to Help Brokers: Part 2

Most companies are starting to realize that even if they are not a technology company, they need to start acting like one in order to keep consumers happy and employees productive. First National is one of few banks that understands how integral the role is that technology plays, not only from a consumer banking perspective, but also in keeping its internal operations and employee development in check.

After working with First National on a commercial sales tool for its mortgage brokers, we were excited when the bank approached us to develop an educational tool for the same group of employees.

Since we had worked with the company previously, and understood the end user – brokers- we were able to quickly scope out the project and begin executing.

The Ask

The team at Hardboot was tasked with architecting and developing a website that would act as an educational resource for First National Brokers. The site had to be easy to use for both brokers and First National administrators so it could be easily accessed and updated. The layout and structure was an essential component of the site as it had to be conducive to helping brokers learn and retain the content within each section.

We Delivered

The Hardboot team delivered an online educational resource that could be real-time solutions for First National brokers. Each broker was kept abreast of current and upcoming First National products, services, and processes. There was also a section that allowed the bank to inform users about any culture related issues and internal company changes.

In addition to providing the information in a clean and concise manner, we were also able to build in a reward system. Brokers would take mini-quizzes about the information delivered and would be awarded upon passing each.

The Result

The reward system motivated brokers to continue their education and stay up to date with First National News.  This continues to have a trickle down effect, making the company’s division more competitive and more productive.

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