Hardboot Kicks Off Open People Network (OPN)

Hardboot Kicks Off Open People Network (OPN)

Hardboot is excited to announce the recent launch of its live-to-air video show, Open People Network (OPN). Moderated by Hardboot founder and CEO, Jeffery Potvin, OPN invites two-to-three guests into the video seats, and allows external guests to tune in and engage using the chat and tweet panels.

“The purpose of the podcast is to facilitate open dialogue and networking with people from different industries with different experiences,” says Jeffery Potvin, host of OPN and CEO of Hardboot. “An entirely casual and easy-going forum, the purpose is to engage, inspire and learn about some cool stuff.”

Launched last night, the kick-off show brought together three rock star saleswomen to speak about their experience in industry. The panel included: Jolie McMillan, senior enterprise sales at Adobe; Lori Shaw, vice president of sales at SigMatix Solutions; and Hardboot’s own senior sales manager, Krysten Milne.

The show runs bi-weekly on Mondays from 6:00 -7:00pm ET

New topics ideas; panelist recommendations; and feedback are always welcome!

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