Golang Developer

A Canadian Fintech startup is looking for a Backend Developer who can help them bring their product to market. If you enjoy optimizing user experience, building a product from the ground up, enhancing the look and usability of a product, and being part of a diverse team of people, then you may have just hit the jackpot!

Soft Skills

  • Creativity: It’s essential to be able to think creatively to implement the vision given to you by the Design. This is where development becomes an art.
  • Communication Skills: You’ll need to be able to communicate well to properly build and understand the requirements. You’ll work with back-end and front-end teams, and a project manager. It’s a team game.
  • Teamwork: You’ll work with others to make sure the app development goes smoothly. Ensuring optimum app development is a team effort.
  • Growth Mindset: Believing you can develop and grow your skills through dedication and hard work. You need to know how to learn and grow from your mistakes to produce a better and efficient system.
  • Problem-solving: You should be a solutions-driven person who isn’t afraid of challenges.

Technical Skills

  • Understand the product features and existing services
  • Write high-quality backend code following TDD practices.
  • Familiar with Golang, system design, and distributed system architecture.
  • Collaborate with other teams to integrate the services.
  • Troubleshoot and debug issues.
  • Provide support by analyzing any issues in production and help to resolve the same.
  • Coordinate and deploy product releases.
  • Take overall accountability and ownership for the quality of the features worked upon.
  • Understand the functional requirements for new features and translate them into modular and maintainable code.

E-mail us at careers@hardbootinc.com

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