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Giving Back

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” ~ Muhammad Ali

Giving back is something that we hear every successful entrepreneur speak about at some point in their careers. They talk about returning the favor, paying it forward, being charitable, and so on, with an almost religious zeal. There are even some scientific studies indicating that generous acts can actually alter our genetic makeup for the good, lead to improved health, improved cognitive abilities, and increased longevity.

With these as an upside, who wouldn’t want to extend a hand?

All of our successes are built upon the foundation that was laid by those who came before us, and when we achieve our goals, we become part of that foundation. Now it’s our turn to help out, our turn to give back. It’s a choice that should come out of a desire to help, and not a sense of obligation.

I believe in giving back, it’s become something that I’ve woven into the structure of my business and has led me to create OPN. We are all building something for ourselves that we hope will be successful, and any help we can get from people who have achieved this success is always welcome and highly valued.

Stay awesome!

Jeffery Potvin
Founder & CEO

Hardboot Inc.


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