Get Your Project Back on Track

There comes a point in many projects where momentum just stops – or worse, the termination of the project seems to be the only choice. We don’t always know why this happens, but we do know we need to breathe some life back into the project – and fast!

At Hardboot, we have become specialists in rescuing projects. Our expert team has been able to help many clients and get their projects back on track. At warp speed we will jump in and conduct a project audit to identify simple and quickly achievable next steps for all your project stakeholders. We will provide a proven project rescue plan and then assemble the necessary team to get you back on your way to a successful launch.

We succeed where others fail, how do we do it.

Redefining the project and starting with a new baseline that build upon what is reusable.

Re-estimating the budget and schedule for completion

Examining the current team and adding, changing or removing resources as appropriate

We will re-engage the business and stakeholders and improve communications

This is where we would usually tell the story of a recent project that illustrates our point. However, rescue projects are a delicate situation that require sensitivity and discretion so we do not discuss them to the outside world. For more on why you should stack your bench with Hardboot, check out our Blog:

It is challenging to turn around a troubled project, but not impossible. Hardboot will help you step back and assess the situation objectively, determining the plan that addresses the project issues, and bring on any additional help the project needs. Get the project back on track and across the finish line… Confidentially


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