Our Project Management Challenge and What We Did About It

Our Project Management Challenge and What We Did About It

Managing hundreds of projects a year with a team of 150+ across North America and Asia, we searched far and wide for collaboration tools and project management software that would streamline our workflow, increase efficiency and ensure clear communications among our team members.

There was never one clear solution that made managing projects more simple and ultimately more successful. We were always cobbling together several different tools to do the job and wasting time managing assets and notes across platforms. Eventually, team members would start reverting back to old habits of using e-mail and excel to keep things on track.

Existing tools were either overly complicated, too pricey, or lacking the features necessary to manage our work. So we dug deep and decided to stop talking about it and build it ourselves.

We set out to make complicated, multi-teamed projects seem like small routine efforts.

We dreamed of a suite of features combined into one single tool that would help us complete projects on time and on budget.

Now, with Swyvel Project Management and Collaboration Software, we can allow our team and clients to see a project’s progress at a moment’s notice.

We are proud of Swyvel and recently compared it to 5 key players in project management software space.


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