Saying “no” in business: the advantages of missing out!

//Saying “no” in business: the advantages of missing out!

Saying “no” in business: the advantages of missing out!

As much as we don’t like to admit it, we live in a time where working around the clock and trying to keep pace with the competition is status quo; our heads are on a 360° “swivel”, constantly looking for that next big break that will catapult us ahead of the competition.

But in the same vein, the innate hunger we have for success sometimes causes a knee-jerk “yes” response to “asks” that are not necessarily aligned with our growth plans. What’s wrong with that you ask? Well, we often forget that when we say “yes” to one thing we’re actually saying “no” to another potentially really great opportunity that better aligns with our goals, dreams and aspirations.

We can all relate to the carrot that dangles in front of us, but when is it smarter to avoid biting the carrot and go for the whole carrot?

As your business begins to mature so do your leads and aspirations. So each year if you set the bar, and stick to it, you will begin to see your clientele and efforts follow this same path. Meanwhile, as that bar moves up so too will your confidence in turning down work that doesn’t align with your businesses future vision.

Throughout my career I have always compared business opportunities to these three phrases:

1- Who will we meet;

2- What will we learn, and;

3- How much value can we win from this?

All in all, saving you and your business time, while keeping you on your growth plan…

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The Recipe for Success?

The way I see it – Jeffery Potvin

Some of the sweetest most appetizing desserts call for sugar, and its inclusion in a recipe is crucial to any well laid baking plans. But in this analogy, sugar is likened to energy – one cup of sugar equals one cup of energy. Not only, but energy is a limited resources, so however you use it, you must use it wisely. If we are given one cup of sugar that we can use for one year, do you ration out some sugar for each day to be able to attack each day equally, or, do you break the sugar into larger servings so you can have double the energy to attack the bigger opportunities when they come up? With only so much sugar your time and energy might be better spent in larger events, and managing growth, than burning out throughout the year on a bunch of small events and not have the time or room to attack the large venue. So, how to navigate this? Well laid plans, a clear, committed vision, and pace are the keys to winning…




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