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After your application is deployed, you are handed over control of the application. Many clients have asked Hardboot for support services after deployment. Our experienced team members are here to help you maintain and support your web and mobile application.

Preventative Package

Keep your web or mobile application updated to avoid breakage and hacking disasters. Don’t let your site be compromised.

Improvement Package

If you haven’t kept your web or mobile application up-to-date, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Support & Maintenance Package

Hardboot will work with your team as your dedicated web or mobile application maintenance and improvement team.

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Support Services

First to respond, prepared to resolve and committed to results. Our collaborative approach works with your team to understand what is important to your business. We manage applications built using a wide variety of technologies, including PHP, .NET, native as well as other platforms, databases, languages, software, and enterprise applications.

  • Data migration
  • Scale applications
  • Optimize performance
  • Continual improvements
  • UI updates
  • UX review
  • Application audits
  • Application crashes
  • Application performance
  • Bug fixes
  • Platform fixes
  • Security updates
  • Emergency trouble shooting
  • Post-deployment support
  • Routine maintenance
  • Code reviews
  • Strategy and planning

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