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Project Management

Why does a company with a similar business offering engage Hardboot to work with them? You could call it ‘burst work’ or ‘personnel augmentation’ or you can just say that someone needed us, and needed us fast. Cathcart Ventures utilized Hardboot Inc to provide day-to-day management on a number of projects in various disciplines in the application and mobile application development space. Cathcart required a functional Project Manager with the ability to complement the existing team and provide guidance and leadership to their remote teams. The PM was adept and knowledgeable in a number of disciplines with the ability to quickly ramp-up and take charge of all aspects of the day-to-day development process. The Project Manager was able to provide Cathcart with the support of a full-time resource in an efficient and cost-effective part-time manor.


How we helped

Strategy & Planning
Experience Design
Custom Development
Maintenance & Support
Team Augmentation

The Outcome

Process Driven – the Project Manager was able to step in, assess the situation and then provided a strategic plan in order to execute on a complex auction-based site. The process was switched from waterfall to agile to take advantage of resource and development heavy application in order to provide a clear and concise roadmap for delivery. This process lends itself into the managed resource model that Cathcart hopes to implement with their client upon completion of this project.

Leadership and Guidance – Working with remote and offshore resources, the Hardboot Project Manager was able to provide leadership and guidance to the team throughout the development of each of their projects from conception to delivery and transitioning into support.

  • Business and Functional Analysis and Requirement gathering/documentation.
  • Process Driven.
  • Leadership and Guidance.

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